In 2005, we at Big Spoon Yogurt wanted to open a yogurt shop like nobody had before. We envisioned a unique space where guests could create delicious yogurt treats exactly to their liking. This meant providing guests access to a vast assortment of superior toppings and yogurt varieties in a self-serve fashion.  Additionally, we wanted to design an environment that was fun and inviting, a place where family and friends could enjoy spending time together.  The result is what visitors have come to love in Big Spoon Yogurt.

Since we opened our first store in East Sacramento in September of 2005, we have served over 2 million guests and have become a part of ten communities.  Although we have grown, we remain focused on providing our guests with an outstanding experience through superior products, excellent customer service, and an exciting atmosphere.  We hold these values close as we continue striving to bring the Big Spoon experience to a community near you.


Big Spoon Yogurt has improved the way you enjoy Frozen Yogurt. It's fun, it's creative, it's delicious. At Big Spoon Yogurt you get to create your very own frozen yogurt treat by choosing from over 75 delicious toppings at our locally world famous Big Spoon Topping Bar.

If you can imagine it, we've got it. And best of all, you pay by the ounce, so you can pile on as little or as much as you want of whatever toppings you wish. At Big Spoon Yogurt, nobody decides what's on your spoon but you! Check out our frozen yogurt flavors and Big Spoon Topping Bar to start planning your very own frozen yogurt concoction.